Saturday, June 12, 2010

8: Clint Burnham

"soon lather us"

lass D hi! I’ll goin’ pair of bowling shoes
last Dief men hype oh! S. Thesen
zouk divers Dump ten-forkin’
own oom’s fife undo’s lo! sin
warm schlepped sick blue Ellen S. end
interred cries last J. Derksen wrecked
4 end glue click Alzheimer B. Seger
trapped off homie’s ohm Ross dirt select?
Warren league’d Dee scold? Liszt oof-duh
Answer hair nicked cans all muh tick?
odour tribe to her sell-by then unfucked?
Act, that’s far need ‘er track Tigg
Also fraggin’ fur best and dig
peace man unsmitten eyin’ her handful
err de end lick stopped fit to die mauler
hey Burr pissed Dasein ant forth?


note: I took Hiene's Zum Lazarus poem (in German - found on the webnet - don't know if it's the same one you used) & ran it thru my homophonic system that I used for the Benjamin Sonnets (ie sound for sound, approx). - CB

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