Sunday, June 13, 2010

9. Pearl Pirie

What is Matter A? Banjo.
This, a denial energy.

And it approves
of what this month? Ventilation:
The ignition indication is complete.

It burns stuffily,
that brain which is fully arrogant,
the founding brains, the establishment brain,
and the Rauch-wie corpse car.

I am unfortunate, buy the elephant
which is is always in the time already ended.
Frequently, ground-to-air's empty head,
which is mined, burns the violet.

Looks like surfeiting, see?
The perfect rhyme, gate's safe tautness
The rhyme door of perfection
tightening securely

My eye, the ear and the mouth
must map that place.

(No? go back: rhyme completely:
the door which is shut assuredly
and is not.)

As for me —
with the bed which is mined
and it does not regret —
the moonlight.

Regret, the banjo has remembered.
Regretted that the banjo remembered.

The reminding east gluts if it differs.
There, from three, it has one.

Which is the heart inside I?

You forget, sweet method,
to be good.

You forgot that the happy method is good.

And the knife of midnight,
when you throw it, approves?

Does it authorize throwing? (Or, has it
arranged to forget that tender method,
and the good nearby?)


Notes on processing: to play with mistakes, machines translations. It ran back to German, then east thru Simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, French, and German again. At each step going back to English and tweaking into new syntax and looking for interesting phrases to feed back into the end, taking the best of each broken language.

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